White Boards

Green Builders

VSI is a leader in electronic white board installation….leave the flip charts, chalk boards and dry erase boards behind and allow us to install the latest in touch screen technologies. VSI has the experience of installing hundreds of white boards in school districts throughout the upper mid-west and in corporate board rooms across the country. And to compliment whiteboard technology, VSI specializes in projectors and audio solutions for the perfect suite solution.

As your technology expert—allow us to introduce you to the best white board on the market; eno™ by PolyVision. Amazingly no cords, no cables and no hard connections to power. The combination of the patented eno™ board, proprietary stylus technology and a Bluetooth connection delivers interactive performance that cannot be beat. Includes educational software. More than one person can write on eno™ at the same time---and it’s magnetic. Don’t settle for old white board technology---do what VSI did and switch to the white board solution that’s better!