What We Do

St.Peter Classroom System


Increasing Learning, Safety and Security

VSI will work with you to determine your audio video technology needs. The latest technology allows for more collaboration and interactive learning to happen in the classroom. Updated technology encourages student engagement.

Kasson Auditorium


Performance. Versatility. Reliability.

Tap into VSI’s extensive experience with performance and auditorium spaces with over 50 successful installations in the past 15 years. Auditoriums are now being asked to do more than just theatrical performances and must cater to many different uses or events. VSI will gear your space around two different modes, basic and performance, so that the operation of microphones, projectors and volume can be as simple as pushing a few buttons on a touchscreen panel.

St. Peter Soundboard

House Of Worship

Get your message heard.

VSI will work with you to design a system that is a great fit for your house of worship. A modern streaming system will help your message be heard in the homes of your members. With the advances in acoustic treatments, audio and video there will not be a bad seat in the house.

St. Peter Gym

Athletic Facilities

Feel the Excitement

Amplify your sporting events with updated sound systems. VSI’s proven track record of installing audio video equipment systems speaks for itself. VSI knows what it takes to maximize people’s enjoyment. Announcements, play by plays, and warm up music gets the crowd in the mood to have a fantastic time. We want to keep your fans on their feet!

Mcneilus Boardroom


Effective team collaboration

Having updated technology in your office or boardroom increases productivity. Less technical issues allow for your meetings to run smoothly. Updated technology throughout the building creates an efficient work environment.

Council Chambers

Council Chambers / Courtrooms

Presented. Articulate. Documented.

Presenting to the public or making a case in a courtroom now relies on A/V systems. This includes having the ability to seamlessly control displays, microphones, speakers, and cameras. VSI can also integrate live audio/video streaming to the public or recording and archiving for viewing later.

Video Services Camera

Surveillance & Access Control

Monitor. Control. Anywhere.

Controlling unauthorized people from accessing unauthorized areas at unauthorized times. Unauthorized (sorry just felt like saying it again). Check up on the building from your phone or tablet where ever you may be.

Hanging Speaker

Bar / Restaurant

Improving guest experience.

VSI can elevate your guest’s dining experience with smart technology for audio, video, and security.We can install displays to deliver entertainment all throughout your bar or restaurant. We can also design the latest audio system to allow for music to be heard at the touch of a button.

Video Services Podium

Health Care Training Facilities

Training. Review. Critique. Improve.

Healthcare students gain real life experience through simulation, where their instructors can send out scenarios over loudspeaker and monitor closely using camera display systems to verify the student’s actions. The leading schools in the healthcare industry rely on these facilities to provide the best training available.